Saturday, November 20, 2010

Arroyo Verde Park hike #4

Today we rolled with what Mother Nature dealt us. What was suppose to be a nice hike at
The Grotto Trail, turned into a equally nice hike in our local park. Since it rained all night and all morning, I decided to change our plans and hike the 3 mile loop at Arroyo Verde Park. I couldnt let the weather stop us so I picked this trail because it is close to our house and was unsure of the future weather conditions.
With an elevation gain of no more than 600 feet, it was a simple loop of 3 miles, that offered some wild life, for once, and some views of the city and The Channel Islands that I have never witnessed before.Today I am trying something new for the blog that I will do every so often.
Here is a video of our first Four hikes.
Turn the volume up and I hope you enjoy.
Next week if the weather participates we will go and hike The Grotto Trail.

Happy Hiking

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