Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hike #? I have lost track. Paradise Falls

So the running around of the holidays and birthdays are all over, now its time to get back to hiking. I am changing up the format of my blog. Less words and more pictures, so sit back and enjoy the ride.
The hike today was at the Paradise Falls Trail.
The trail was a nice 4 mile loop with about 500-600 feet of elevation climb. It took us about two hours or so and we couldn't of asked for better weather this morning.

Here is where we went today.

Watch out for them cactus, they might attack

The landscape

Some cool rocks

Whats that in the distance?

Its a Teepee

Here are the falls

My hiking partner at the falls

Us enjoying the day

Mr Rad

The falls again

Looks like other people had the same idea as us. You can see the bridge we had to walk across.

Who doesn't like to throw rocks?

Mr. Rad at the falls

The rapids above the falls

The sign says it all


What is that

Good thing for signs

The opening to the cave

Inside the cave

The trail

Evil attacking cactus

A cool picture

The ritual sandwich my son cant go without on every hike.

Sweet someone got to it before I could.

Just something funny in the parking lot on the way home.

And with that, Hike On.