Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hike #1 (Rose Valley Falls)

Today was the start of something fun, exciting, and unknown. For starters I am not much of a fan of hiking, and secondly it was about time my son and I started doing something together that we could both learn to enjoy and love. I was given this book,

and decided that this would be a great way to spend Saturday mornings with my son. We will be picking out one hike a week from this book until all 82 hikes have been completed.

For our first hike we chose, from the book, Hike #8 Rose Valley Falls. What a perfect hike to get our feet wet on and see how much we can enjoy hiking. After about an hour in the car we finally arrived at our destination.

After loading up the pack with our water and snacks we headed out onto the trail. As my son pointed out many times on the hike, "It is very calm out."

Here is my hiking partner standing in the tunnel of trees.

The weather cooperated nicely for us on our first hike and we were rewarded with a wonderful view of the mountains north of Ojai.

Just past mid-point of the trail, to your left you will come across the first waterfall. It is not the biggest one, but still made some wonderful music.

Like the old saying goes, Good things come to those who wait. At the end of the trail you are greeted with this wonderful piece of Mother nature.

All in all it was a great hike to start out on and we are already looking forward to next Saturday, where we will try to conquer hike #2 Piedra Blanca Formations. See you out on the trails.